Grlk is a handmade garlic sauce, made from family traditions and of love. For us, Grlk is a  jar of awesomeness. Not that I’m biased. Your food will certainly think so! Fluffy, flavorful and so freakin’ good! It starts with: fresh garlic, organic lemon juice, non-gmo canola oil, organic sea salt, and water, to insure the highest amount of satisfaction. We also use locally grown fresh basil leaves and chipotle peppers in our Chipotle Adobo and Fresh Basil varieties. And a dollop of Lebanese love. Every jar is made by hand and fresh to order. This way you can rest assured that your jar of Grlk is one of the most delicious things in your fridge. And take comfort in knowing it just may be the healthiest thing in there too! Every ingredient is consciously chosen for its freshness, quality, purity, and with your health in mind.


There are endless possibilities to delight your taste buds with Grlk. It makes a healthy substitute for any condiment, salad dressing and marinade. It takes your chicken, meat and seafood from good to great. And imagine the beautiful marriage of pasta and garlic…they go hand-in-hand like that’s amore! And to think, you don't ever have to worry about stinky garlic fingers from all that chopping ever again. Simply twist the cap, add Grlk to your favorite recipe and enjoy! And as we say in Lebanon, “sahtein!” (happy eating!).